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Lip Balm Variety 4 Pack
Can't choose just one? Our variety pack includes 4 of our all natural lip balms so you can ..
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Chocomint Lip Balm
Our all natural ChocoMint lip balm blends rich cocoa and peppermint essential oil. This ultra-moistu..
Honey Vanilla Lip Balm
Our all natural Honey Vanilla lip balm is silky smooth and ultra-moisturizing with the scent of warm..
Lavender Lemon Lip Balm
Our soothing Lavender Lemon lip balm helps to protect and nourish dry chapped lips. The scent is hea..
Lemon Lip Balm
Our luscious Lemon lip balm uses pure lemon essential oil and has a bright, citrusy scent that feels..
Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm
Our Pink Grapefruit lip balm is fresh and fruity with the delicious citrus scent of pink grapefruit!..
Pure & Simple Lip Balm
Our Pure & Simple lip balm is exactly that! This all natural lip balm is unscented and glides on..
Sweet Orange Lip Balm
Our Sweet Orange lip balm is smooth and luscious with a sweet orange fragrance that s..
Peppermint Lip Balm
This moisturizing Peppermint lip balm glides on creamy smooth and has the invigorating, cooling..
Wintergreen Lip Balm
The cool, icy freshness of our Wintergreen lip balm soothes & moisturizes the lips with vitamin ..