Donation Requests

Each year SeedGeeks is proud to support local, national and international organizations and community gardens by donating seed. If you are interested in this program, we have included information below to help guide you through the process.

How to apply for a donation
All requests must be made in writing on your organization’s letterhead. Please include your Nonprofit Tax ID number. Please let us know about your program and why you are making the request. Let us know if you are interested in just vegetable, flower, or herb seed, or a combination of the three.

Mail your request to:

SeedGeeks, LLC
Attn: Donation Request
8816 Manchester Rd. #114

Saint Louis, MO 63144-2602

Fulfilled Donations
Donations will be sent in the fall/winter. We accept requests all year, but those organizations that are selected to receive a donation will receive the donation in the fall.
We appreciate the opportunity to support projects like yours and wish you a happy growing season!