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Alternative Lawn Mix
This attractive mix is the perfect alternative for a low-maintenance, ecologically-friendly lawn. Fo..
Beneficial Bug Blooms Mix
This mix is an organic gardener’s best friend. This blend of herbs and flowers attracts benefi..
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Butterfly Garden Flower Mix
Our colorful blend of annual and perennial flowers will attract a host of butterfly species to your ..
Calendula Officinalis, Fancy Mix
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. A hardy flower that prefers cooler temperatures. 2’ tall flowe..
Cutting Flower Mix
A stunning blend of easy to grow flowers that make beautiful, long-lasting arrangements. Contains bo..
Edible Flower Mix
A flavorful and fragrant blend of annual and perennial edible flowers. This mix will provide you wit..
Feed the Bees Mix
Provide forage for bees and native pollinators all season long! This mixture is a blend of annuals a..
Honey Bee Happy Mix
A blend of annual and perennial flowers specially designed for honey bee health & conservation.&..
Hummingbird Mix
This beautiful wildflower mixture of vibrant colored, nectar-rich flowers provides a season-long smo..
Marigold, Crackerjack Mix
(Tagetes erecta) Annual. Big, bold flowers with double blooms in shades of yellow, gold, deep orange..
Midwest Native Mix
A great mix for establishing a native landscape. Native plants require little, if any, external inpu..
Midwest Native Mix, 1 LB
Flowers - Midwest Native Mix, 1 LB..
Midwest Native Mix, 1/2LB
Flowers - Midwest Native Mix, 1/2LB..
Nasturtium (Dwarf), Jewel Mix
(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Bright, jewel-tone flowers of yellow, pink, red and orange. Both the leav..
Shade Garden Mix
We all have those shaded edges of our garden where we’d love to grow something, but what? This..
Zinnia (Dwarf), Lilliput Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Lilliput mix is one of the most popular zinnia mixes. Known for their dimin..
Zinnia, California Giant Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Glorious 4-5 inch double blooms! These flowers are stunning in the garden a..