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Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Price: $2.50
Product Code:  AM1202P
Days to Maturity: 60
Quantity: .25g (Min. 250 Seeds)
Availability:  In Stock
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(Amaranthus caudatus) Annual. Graceful crimson tassels adorn this beautiful amaranth variety. This heirloom has a long history and was prized for its romantic addition to Victorian English gardens.

This easy to grow plant will reach 3’-4’ in height and produce brilliant red, tassel flowers. Good producer of seeds. Leaves can be used for cooking greens and seeds can be used for popping or grinding into flower. Makes an excellent cut flower as well.

Germination Temperature Planting Depth Days to Germination Plant Spacing Row Spacing Sun
65-75 1/4" 3-10 12-18" 24" Full


Planting Instructions:
Sow outside (recommended) 1-2 weeks after average last frost. Start indoors 4-6 weeks before average last frost.

Additional Tips:
Germination is best when soil temperature is 65° to 75° F.

Grows well in average soil. Plants grown in average garden soil will be 4-6’ tall, while those grown in rich soil or compost may reach over 8’.

Average water needs. Only water when dry.

Heat and drought resistant.

Leaves may be harvested at any time, but are best when young and small. Can also be grown for delicious, nutrient-dense sprouts.

Flowers will produce until frost and make beautiful additions to cut flower arrangements.

To determine if seed is harvestable, gently but briskly shake or rub the flower heads between your hands. If the seeds fall easily, it’s ready for harvest. Cut the seedheads before they become brittle and place in a paper bag to continue drying. Once dry, gently rub with your hands or a cloth, or thresh into a bag, to release the seeds. Winnowing the seed in a light breeze will remove the flower heads and chaff.

Companion Plants:
Plant with cabbage, corn, onion, tomatoes.

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