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Milkweed, Asclepias Incarnata

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Product Code:  FL2301P
Days to Maturity: 90 Days
Quantity: .5g (Min. ~50 Seeds)
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(Asclepias incarnata) Perennial. If you’re one of the many gardeners who want to do their part to help the beautiful Monarch, this plant deserves a spot in your garden! Loss of natural habitat and pesticide exposure is threatening the Monarch butterfly population and milkweed plants are the only source of food for the monarch caterpillar larvae. Growing milkweed in your garden helps by creating a sanctuary for the beautiful monarch, one plant at a time.

Often called Swamp Milkweed, this species is a cherry-red, showier variety of the Common Milkweed. Elegant, willowy foliage. This native perennial is easy to grow and will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden with its attractive blooms. Grows best in moist or wet soils. Deer resistant.
Germination Temperature Planting Depth Days to Germination Plant Spacing Row Spacing Sun
65-80 1/4" 14-28 12" 12-24" Partial to Full


Planting Instructions:
Cold stratification required. Sow outside in fall or up to 2-4 weeks before average last frost. Start indoors in spring by placing seeds into a bag of moistened seed starting mix or wet paper towel and place it in the refrigerator for 3 weeks, then sow outdoors after frost.

Additional Tips:
Cold stratification is important for good germination and growth. The purpose is to trick the seeds into thinking they've been through winter.

Milkweed seed requires some light to germinate. Cover the seeds lightly with about ¼" of soil or less, or try surface sowing.

Milkweed stems and leaves exude thick, milky sap when broken. This sap can irritate the skin, so if you’re handling milkweed, wear gloves and wash your hands afterwards. The pods and other parts are edible, and American Indians used the plant for medicines.


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