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Summer squash are a subset of squashes that are harvested when immature, while the rind is still tender and edible. Nearly all summer squash squashes are varieties of Cucurbita pepo, though not all Cucurbita pepo are considered summer squashes. Most summer squash have a bushy growth habit, unlike the rambling vines of many winter squashes. The name "summer squash" refers to the short storage life of these squashes, unlike that of winter squashes.

Summer squashes include: Cousa squash, Pattypan squash (Scallop squash), Tromboncino or Zucchetta, Yellow crookneck squash, Yellow summer squash, Zucchini (courgette),  Ridge gourd or luffa.

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Cocozelle Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Cocozelle is a wonderful Italian heirloom with long, dark green, lightly striped zu..
Dark Green Zucchini
(Cucurbita pepo) An early zucchini with high yields of straight, tender, dark green fruits. ..
Early Golden Crookneck Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Golden Crookneck is one of the oldest heirloom squash. This early variety is a..
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Ronde de Nice Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) A wonderful heirloom from the south of France. This round, green zucchini is very t..
Tatume Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Tatume is an amazing, rare summer squash that has been a long-time favorite in..
Yellow Scallop Patty Pan Bush Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Yellow scallop, also known as patty pan squash, is a flavorful, mellow squash that&..
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