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Chervil, Curled

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(Anthriscus cerefolium) Annual. Chervil is often referred to as French parsley or gourmet’s parsley, and is an essential herb of French cooking often paired with tarragon, parsley and chives. The flavor of chervil is mild and subtle; a bit like parsley with a touch of anise. This versatile herb is delicious with eggs, mixed in salads, paired with seafood, or in soup.

Chervil is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Delicate, aromatic fern-like leaves are ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks.

A nice variety for containers. Can also be grown indoors.

Germination Temperature Planting Depth Days to Germination Plant Spacing Row Spacing Sun
55 1/8" 10-14 4” 14" Partial Shade


Planting Instructions:
Sow outdoors 4-6 weeks before average last frost or as soon as soil can be worked. Plant again in summer 6-8 weeks before average first frost. For a continuous supply, sow seed every 2-3 weeks. Chervil has a delicate taproot and does not transplant well.

Additional Tips:
Chervil is a cool season plant and does best in a cool, moist spot with dappled shade.

Sow in succession every 2-3 weeks for a steady supply.

Once the plant has produced a seed stalk, the quality of taste declines. 

Harvest young leaves by cutting the outer stems and working inward.

Companion Plants:
Chervil helps to repel slugs.
Plant with broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, kale and radish.


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