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Autumn Beauty Sunflower
(Helianthus annuus) Annual. Bold, 6” flowers in autumnal shades of red, gold, orange, and maro..
Cinnamon Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. A hearty herb that has a mild cinnamon flavor and fragrance. One of the e..
Genovese Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Perhaps the most popular type of basil, Genovese has a strong fragra..
Holy Basil, Tulsi
(Ocimum sanctum) Annual. Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is an ancient variety considered sacred in..
Italian Large Leaf Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Italian large leaf is a Genovese-type basil, but with very large lea..
Lemon Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. A wonderful basil with a touch of citrusy lemon flavor and fragrance. ..
Purple Dark Opal Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Regal, shiny deep purple leaves make this sweet basil stand out in the ga..
Thai Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Thai basil is sweet and spicy with a hint of licorice flavor. Small, d..
(Borago officinalis) Annual. An exquisite, easy to grow, versatile herb. Borage, which originated in..
Butterfly Garden Flower Mix
Our colorful blend of annual and perennial flowers will attract a host of butterfly species to your ..
Calendula Officinalis, Fancy Mix
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. A hardy flower that prefers cooler temperatures. 2’ tall flowe..
Calendula, Ball's Orange
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. Ball’s Improved Orange is a very pretty vibrant orange flower ..
Slo-Bolt Cilantro
(Coriandrum sativum) Annual. This cilantro is a cool season annual that was specifically bred to res..
(Cuminum cyminum) Annual. Cumin is a warm season annual typically grown for its seeds, though the le..
Cutting Flower Mix
A stunning blend of easy to grow flowers that make beautiful, long-lasting arrangements. Contains bo..
Bouquet Dill
(Anethum graveolens) Annual. Dill Bouquet is a warm season annual that is earlier blooming than Mamm..
Edible Flower Mix
A flavorful and fragrant blend of annual and perennial edible flowers. This mix will provide you wit..
Feed the Bees Mix
Provide forage for bees and native pollinators all season long! This mixture is a blend of annuals a..
(Trigonella foenum-graecum) Annual. Fenugreek is a native herb of India, where it has been used as a..
Honey Bee Happy Mix
A blend of annual and perennial flowers specially designed for honey bee health & conservation.&..
Hummingbird Mix
This beautiful wildflower mixture of vibrant colored, nectar-rich flowers provides a season-long smo..
Lemon Mint (BeeBalm)
(Monarda citriodora) Annual. Native. Also known as lemon beebalm, lemon horsemint, purple horsemint ..
Lemon Queen Sunflower
(Helianthus annuus) Annual. These majestic yellow beauties are true royalty in the garden. Sunny lem..
Love-in-a-Mist, Miss Jekyll
(Nigella damascena) Annual. An heirloom favorite with feathery foliage and quick blooming blue flowe..
Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower
(Helianthus annuus) Annual. Monstrously large yellow heads top these archetypal giant sunflowers. Ea..
Marigold, Crackerjack Mix
(Tagetes erecta) Annual. Big, bold flowers with double blooms in shades of yellow, gold, deep orange..
Mexican Sunflower
(Tithonia rotundifolia) Annual. These brilliant orange beauties love the heat and attract a host of ..
Midwest Native Mix
A great mix for establishing a native landscape. Native plants require little, if any, external inpu..
Nasturtium (Dwarf), Empress of India
(Tropaeolum minus) Annual. A Victorian heirloom with deep red, regal flowers. These compact plants g..
Nasturtium (Dwarf), Jewel Mix
(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Bright, jewel-tone flowers of yellow, pink, red and orange. Both the leav..
Shade Garden Mix
We all have those shaded edges of our garden where we’d love to grow something, but what? This..
Sunflower Seed Collection (Small)
A stunning collection of sunflowers that brings joy and beauty to the garden. Fast and easy to grow,..
Teddy Bear Sunflower
(Helianthus annuus) Annual. These adorable dwarf sunflowers produce bright yellow, cheery burst..
Velvet Queen Sunflower
(Helianthus annuus) Annual. Stunning 6-8 inch flower heads with rich, crimson petals and mahoga..
Wild Sunflower
(Helianthus Annuus) Annual. Native. The original wild species of sunflower that started them all. Th..
Wrinkled Crinkled Cress
(Lepidium sativum) Annual. Curly, ruffled leaves with a sweet, peppery flavor. A gourmet favorite..
Zinnia (Dwarf), Lilliput Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Lilliput mix is one of the most popular zinnia mixes. Known for their dimin..
Zinnia, California Giant Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Glorious 4-5 inch double blooms! These flowers are stunning in the garden a..
Zinnia, Canary Bird
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Canary Bird is a large, dahlia-type zinnia with bright yellow blooms 4&rdqu..
Zinnia, Luminosa
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Luminosa Zinnia produces charming dahlia-type blooms in shades of pink all ..
Orange King Zinnia
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Large mandarin orange flowers with double blooms make a bold statement thro..
Zinnia, Polar Bear White
(Zinnia elegans) Annual.  Stunning white dahlia-type blooms that make an excellent addition to ..