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(Borago officinalis) Annual. An exquisite, easy to grow, versatile herb. Borage, which originated in..
Calendula Officinalis, Fancy Mix
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. A hardy flower that prefers cooler temperatures. 2’ tall flowe..
Calendula, Ball's Orange
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. Ball’s Improved Orange is a very pretty vibrant orange flower ..
Dark Green Zucchini
(Cucurbita pepo) An early zucchini with high yields of straight, tender, dark green fruits. ..
Delicata Winter Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Delicate, sweet and creamy with a high sugar content. Finely textured light orange ..
Early Golden Crookneck Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Golden Crookneck is one of the oldest heirloom squash. This early variety is a..
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Edible Flower Mix
A flavorful and fragrant blend of annual and perennial edible flowers. This mix will provide you wit..
Jack Be Little Pumpkin
(Cucurbita pepo) These adorable little pumpkins are big fun for kids! Bright orange, miniature ..
Marigold, Crackerjack Mix
(Tagetes erecta) Annual. Big, bold flowers with double blooms in shades of yellow, gold, deep orange..
Nasturtium (Dwarf), Empress of India
(Tropaeolum minus) Annual. A Victorian heirloom with deep red, regal flowers. These compact plants g..
Nasturtium (Dwarf), Jewel Mix
(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Bright, jewel-tone flowers of yellow, pink, red and orange. Both the leav..
Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean
(Phaseolus coccineus) Scarlet Runner beans are a stunning ornamental and tasty edible. Impressive vi..
Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin
(Cucurbita pepo) Sugar Pie makes one of the finest pie pumpkins. Also great for soups, muffins,..
Tatume Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Tatume is an amazing, rare summer squash that has been a long-time favorite in..
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash
(Cucurbita moschata) A delicious classic. Waltham Butternut is a prolific winter squash that&rs..
Yellow Scallop Patty Pan Bush Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Yellow scallop, also known as patty pan squash, is a flavorful, mellow squash that&..