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Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
(Lactuca sativa) A dependable lettuce that has stood the test of time. Black Seeded Simpson rem..
Bloomsdale Spinach
(Spinacia oleracea) An old favorite amongst gardeners and market growers alike. The most popula..
Bulls Blood Beet
(Beta vulgaris) This striking heirloom produces tender, deep burgundy leaves perfect for salad or mi..
Georgia Southern Collards
(Brassica oleracea) Georgia Southern Collard is an old heirloom variety that’s still very popu..
Green Salad Bowl Lettuce
(Lactuca sativa) Salad Bowl is a delicious lettuce that’s perfect for a baby salad leaf mix. T..
Jade Bush Bean
(Phaseolus vulgaris) One of the best bush beans you’ll ever grow! Jade has long been a favorit..
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
(Phaseolus vulgaris) The Kentucky Wonder is an outstanding 1800s heirloom. It's the perfect..
Komatsuna Tendergreen Mustard Greens
(Brassica rapa) Also known as Mustard Spinach. Known to Japanese cooks as Komatsuna. This easy ..
New Zealand Spinach
(Tetragonia tetregonioides) New Zealand Spinach is a very old heirloom introduced into England in 17..
Parris Island Romaine Lettuce
(Lactuca sativa) Parris Island grows quickly and produces delicious, upright, sweet, crunchy le..
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
(Lactuca sativa) Salad Bowl is a delicious lettuce that’s perfect for a baby salad leaf m..
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Tatume Summer Squash
(Cucurbita pepo) Tatume is an amazing, rare summer squash that has been a long-time favorite in..
Tomatillo Verde
(Physalis ixocarpa) Toma Verde tomatillos have a sweet, tangy flavor essential for a delicious salsa..
Vates Collards
(Brassica oleracea) A robust Collard that produces earlier than others. This variety produces t..
Wando Garden Pea
(Pisum sativum) Wando is one of the most versatile and reliable peas. This variety is more drought r..
Zinnia (Dwarf), Lilliput Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Lilliput mix is one of the most popular zinnia mixes. Known for their dimin..
Zinnia, California Giant Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Glorious 4-5 inch double blooms! These flowers are stunning in the garden a..
Zinnia, Canary Bird
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Canary Bird is a large, dahlia-type zinnia with bright yellow blooms 4&rdqu..
Zinnia, Luminosa
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Luminosa Zinnia produces charming dahlia-type blooms in shades of pink all ..
Orange King Zinnia
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. Large mandarin orange flowers with double blooms make a bold statement thro..
Zinnia, Polar Bear White
(Zinnia elegans) Annual.  Stunning white dahlia-type blooms that make an excellent addition to ..