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Anaheim Chili Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) The Anaheim is a mild variety of chili pepper with countless uses, especially..
Artisan Raw Chipotle Creamed Honey
Pure, artisanal raw creamed honey. Unheated and chemical free. Our delicious Raw Chipotle&nb..
Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper
(Capsicum chinense) These bright, glossy Red Habanero peppers really bring the heat! These can be tw..
Cayenne Long Red Thin Hot Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) These long, bright red, pencil-thin peppers pack the heat! Cayenne peppers..
Habanero Orange Pepper
(Capsicum chinense) Habaneros are among the hottest peppers available and are said to be 100 ti..
Hot Pepper Seed Collection (Small)
Spice up your salsas, soups, and sauces with the distinctive flavors of this heirloom Hot Pepper See..
Hungarian Wax Hot Pepper
(Capsicum chinense) This Hungarian heirloom is widely adapted and early to produce, even in cooler w..
Jalapeno M Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) Jalapeno M is a highly prolific producer of dark green, thick-walled peppers...
Poblano/Ancho Hot Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) The Poblano is one of the most popular Mexican chilis with so many delicious ..
Serrano Tampiqueno Hot Pepper
(Capsicum annuum) Serranos have a very distinctive flavor that is essential for many Mexican re..