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Cinnamon Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. A hearty herb that has a mild cinnamon flavor and fragrance. One of the e..
Genovese Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Perhaps the most popular type of basil, Genovese has a strong fragra..
Lemon Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. A wonderful basil with a touch of citrusy lemon flavor and fragrance. ..
Purple Dark Opal Basil
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. Regal, shiny deep purple leaves make this sweet basil stand out in the ga..
(Nepeta cataria) Perennial. A hardy, multi-purpose herb best known for its euphoric effects on cats...
(Allium schoenoprasum) Perennial. Chives have a mild onion flavor and are very easy to grow. Their v..
Oregano, Greek
(Origanum heracleoticum) Perennial. Greek Oregano is the true culinary oregano type. It’s high..
Oregano, Vulgare
(Origanum vulgare) Perennial. Delightful herb with purple flowers that are highly attractive to bees..
Thyme Vulgaris
(Thymus vulgaris) Perennial. Thyme is a culinary staple and primary ingredient of the “bouquet..