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Backyard Chicken Favorites Seed Collection (Large)

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Chickens and gardens have a very symbiotic relationship. Backyard chickens not only provide us with amazingly fresh eggs, but also bring huge benefits to the garden by keeping weeds and pest populations in check, aerating the soil, and helping to compost greens. Of course, they'll also happily munch away at all of our garden plants if given the chance! The varieties we've selected to share with them in this collection are not only delicious, but will provide added health benefits of fresh forage, which makes our chickens (and their eggs) even healthier.

Our Backyard Chicken Favorites collection includes an assortment of easy to grow varieties. Leafy greens (mizuna, sorrel, amaranth, kale, spinach, lettuce, and swiss chard) provide a wide range of vitamins & antioxidants for your flock. Nasturtium flowers are both beautiful and delicious, plus they serve as natural dewormers for chickens. Both the leaves and flowers of nasturtium are edible. Mammoth sunflowers can be enjoyed in the garden all summer and, once the flower heads start to dry, they become a tasty, protein-rich treat of sunflower seeds. The edible flowers of the marigold have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Flowers can be fed fresh or dried and added to layer feed for rich, bright orange yolks. 

Whether you let them free range your plantings, or harvest these tasty choices for them, they'll surely appreciate the fresh treats! 

Includes 10 full-size packets of hand-selected heirloom seed varieties*:

Packed in a Reusable Airtight Container - Ideal for Seed Storage!
*Selections based on availability. Rare varieties may be replaced with another just as great!

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