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Fresh Salad Greens Seed Collection (Small)

Price: $11.95
Product Code:  GS-FSG
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A diverse mix of delicious greens with a variety of colors and textures for tender, tasty salads fresh from your garden.   

Set includes 5 full-size packets of hand-selected heirloom seed varieties*:

  • Dwarf Siberian Kale - Frilly, bright green leaves make this a very popular variety for stir-fries and salads.
  • Green Oak Leaf Lettuce - Beautiful, deeply lobed oak-shaped leaves mix well with other small greens for elegant salads. Tender, sweet flavor.
  • Mizuna Mustard Green - A hardy Japanese mustard with succulent, feathery leaves. This mildly spicy green is a standard ingredient in salad and braising mixes. 
  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce - A delicious lettuce that’s perfect for a baby salad leaf mix. The deeply lobed leaves are tender with a mild, non-bitter flavor.
  • Ruby Red Swiss Chard - This stunning swiss chard adds beauty to your garden and nutrition to your plate. Delicious harvested young for salads.

Packed in a Reusable Tin that's ideal for seed storage and perfect for gift giving.

*Selections based on availability. Rare varieties may be replaced with another just as great!

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