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Long Island Improved Brussels Sprout

Price: $2.50
Product Code:  BS2312P
Days to Maturity: 100 Days
Quantity: .5g (Min. 150 Seeds)
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(Brassica oleracea) The standard for heirloom Brussels sprouts. These semi-dwarf plants grow 20-24” and have heavy yields of 1-2” sprouts that taste like tiny cabbages.

Still the most popular variety for their wonderful flavor, which improves with frost. Excellent fresh. Freezes well.

Germination Temperature Planting Depth Days to Germination Plant Spacing Row Spacing Sun
55-70 1/4" 5-10 15-18" 24" Full


Planting Instructions:
Start indoors 4-5 weeks before transplanting. Transplant to garden about 12 weeks before average first fall frost so sprouts mature in cool weather. Sow outside 3 to 4 months before average first fall frost.

Additional Tips:
​Brussels sprouts will benefit from soil enriched with blood meal and bone meal.

Brussels sprouts require cool weather to head properly and will bolt quickly in heat, so be sure to plant early.

Fall planting is favorable as Brussels sprouts will sweeten after frost.

Brussels sprouts should be picked when they’re firm, bright green, and well-formed. They mature from the bottom up, so begin picking at the bottom, breaking off a leaf below the sprout and then removing the sprout. The upper sprouts will continue to mature as the lower ones are harvested.

Companion Plants:
Plant with nasturtium, basil, garlic, marigold, mustards.

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