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New Zealand Spinach

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Product Code:  SP0804P
Days to Maturity: 60 Days
Quantity: 4g
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(Tetragonia tetregonioides) New Zealand Spinach is a very old heirloom introduced into England in 1772 by Sir Joseph Banks. Though not related to true spinach, its flavor is similar to, and some think better than, spinach. The great thing about this variety is that it’s heat resistant and will produce all summer long, well after common spinach has bolted!

Mild flavor. Small, young leaves are great for salads or cooked. Drought tolerant and disease resistant.
Germination Temperature Planting Depth Days to Germination Plant Spacing Row Spacing Sun
65 1/4-1/2" 10-20 12" 18" Full


Planting Instructions:
Sow outside 1-2 weeks after average last frost and when soil temperatures are at least 65ºF. 

Additional Tips:
Soaking seeds in warm water for two to eight hours prior to sowing helps soften the seed coat and improve germination results. Additionally, it can take a couple of weeks for germination to occur (depending on weather). Keep soil moist until germination occurs.

Staggering planting by 2-3 weeks will allow for a continuous harvest.

New Zealand spinach is prized for its high vitamin C content.

Cut 3" - 4" leaves as needed. Do this on a continual basis to encourage more young, tender growth.

Companion Plants:
Plant with strawberries, tomatoes.

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