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The tomato is the edible, often red fruit/berry of the nightshade Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. The species originated in the South American Andes and its use as a food originated in Mexico, and spread throughout the world following the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Its many varieties are now widely grown, sometimes in greenhouses in cooler climates.

There are around 7500 tomato varieties grown for various purposes. Heirloom tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among home gardeners and organic producers, since they tend to produce more interesting and flavorful crops at the cost of disease resistance and productivity. Tomatoes contain the carotene lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. In some studies, lycopene, especially in cooked tomatoes, has been found to help prevent prostate cancer, but other research contradicts this claim. Lycopene has also been shown to improve the skin's ability to protect against harmful UV rays.

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Amana Orange Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. A stunning low-acid orange beefsteak with a sweet, a..
Amish Paste Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. The Amish Paste heirloom tomato is a plum tomato from the..
Beefsteak Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. This is a bright red, meaty classic. It’s tradition..
Black Krim Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Black Krim is a unique and beautiful tomato with juicy, d..
Brandywine Red Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Brandywine is the quintessential heirloom tomato. Much lo..
Cherokee Purple Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Heirloom. If we could only grow one tomato, it would like..
Garden Peach Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. This heirloom from Peru truly resembles a peach with it&r..
Golden Jubilee Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Golden Jubilee is a popular orange tomato that shines in ..
Isis Candy Cherry Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Isis Candy Cherry produces 1” round bicolor tomatoe..
Large Red Cherry Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Large Red Cherry Tomatoes are extremely productive and ma..
Marglobe Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Determinate. Marglobe is a reliable, early producer of crack resistant s..
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
(Solanum lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Mortgage Lifter is a huge heirloom beefsteak, weighing in at a..
Mr. Stripey Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Mr. Stripey is an heirloom variety dating back to the 180..
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Roma Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Determinate. The Italian Roma is a wonderful heirloom that produces meat..
Rutgers Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Determinate. The Rutgers tomato is an exceptional tomato that produces v..
San Marzano Tomato
(Lycopersicom lycopersicum) Indeterminate. San Marzano is the true Italian standard paste tomato. Th..
White Beauty Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Also known as Snowball. Creamy white flesh, concentrated ..
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato
(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) Indeterminate. Bearing small pear-shaped tomatoes, this 1800s heirloom i..
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